3 Cookie Variety Pack
3 Cookie Variety Pack
3 Cookie Variety Pack
3 Cookie Variety Pack
3 Cookie Variety Pack

3 Cookie Variety Pack

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NEW - Available Now!!!  Get these before they're available in stores!

This 3 Cookie Variety Pack is perfect for new customers and for gift giving.

Get a variety pack and try a cookie of each flavor!
  • 1 cookie: chocolate chip cookie dough
  • 1 cookie: cinnamon coffee cake
  • 1 cookie: lemon zest

You will love our yummy soft-baked protein cookies with protein and lower sugar.

Indulge with this delicious, protein-packed treat with 12g of protein and only 3-6 grams of sugar. The high fiber will fill you up so you can indulge and stay in control of your cravings. 

We don't use sugar alcohols. Instead we chose allulose which is a low calorie sweetener with no weird aftertaste. People with diabetes and obesity can benefit from this sugar substitute because it has little to no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels.

Our soft-baked cookies lets you stick to your health goals, without missing out on the sweet things in life. So go ahead and treat yourself - you deserve it!

When you want a cookie, don't panic. Grab The Gold! It's all about the guilt-free cookie for the win!

If this is a gift, add a gift message in comments (at checkout) to be included in your order. 

Gluten free - Vegan - 12g Protein - 3-6g Sugar - High Fiber 

3 cookies - 1.9oz each

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